Heart Songs and Sound Healing


Soundbaths are rich and immersive audio soundscapes. Adam uses both acoustic and electronic instruments to create truly engaging experiences. Examples of instruments Adam uses include flutes, frame drums, guitar, didgeridoo, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and gongs.


Mantra heart-songs and kirtan with a folk sensibility. Harmonising vocals and ethnic instruments interwoven to form music that fuels the heart and soul.


Relax to the sound of Calming Waters, a collection of ambiences focussed on the many environmental expressions of water.


Adam Buchanan is a multi-instrumentalist  musician, composer, and therapeutic sound healer. As a sound healer he has worked with intellectual and physically disabled people, providing music therapy as a one and one and in group workshops, and performed live soundscapes at yoga events and festivals. His musical background is vast and stretches decades, from singer songwriter band leader and DJ to composer for indie computer games and leader of heart song and mantra circle chanting. He currently lives in the Sunshine Coast in Australia and performs across south east Queensland at events and festivals.


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